The leaker didn't only do irrevocable damage to the Supreme Court—he or she also struck a blow for mob rule over the rule of law, and therefore against justice and civilization itself
My report for RealClearInvestigations on the burgeoning backlash against Woke Capital
The DGB is not only a discrediting and delegitimizing project but a dangerous one
Musk could create a model for non-progressive executives facing hostile bureaucracies to emulate--in service of our first freedom. Ironically, Twitter's…
We face a security state that increasingly seems to conflate the regime with the nation as it weaponizes against the regime’s purported foes, while…
The regime's effort to remake the U.S. government in Ibram X. Kendi's dystopian image is part and parcel of the War on Wrongthink
It should be seen as a contest over who controls the public discourse, and with it, who rules
Color me unconvinced criticism of the AG by President Biden and House Democrats is all about pressuring the supposed centrist into action
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Benjamin Weingarten